Peretrix Ca+S

Fertiliser containing calcium and sulphur in the form of calcium polysulfide. It is usable for all arable crops and for horticulture in order to treat calcium and sulphur deficiency.

Active ingredient content: Ca (m/m%):6,5; S (m/m%): 25,0

  • For preventive purposes to treat calcium and sulphur deficiency, in the dosage of 10-15 l/ha with 200 l/ha water, put into the soil before the plantation
  • Against deficiency symptoms via leaf treatment after flowering for 3-5 times in every 2nd or 3rd week until fruit ripening in the dosage of  10 l/ha sprayed in 1,0% concentration at most.

A mixing test is recommended before the use of the product together with pesticides and or with other yield increasing products. The Peretrix Ca+S cannot be mixed with materials containing copper.

For the protection of bees and other pollinator insects during the flowering stage the application is forbidden. It cannot be applied in the presence of flowering weeds, either.

Occupational health waiting time: 0 days

Shelf life time: in original packaging 2 years

Storage conditions: Dry, cool, but frost-free (up to + 35oC), well vented, radiant heat-free, enclosed location, away from strong bases, peroxides, ignition sources and polysulphides.

Approval number: 04.2 / 2157-4 / 2017 NÉBIH